د.عبدالله بن فهد العساف للمحاماة

Dr. Abdullah Fahad Alassaf Law Firm

About Us

Dr. Abdullah Alassaf Law Firm is one of the law firms that are licensed by Saudi Arabian Ministry of Justice (35/383), and the law firm considers as approximately 20 years of extended of experiences in legal framework. It is located in Riyadh city and provides all its services to all the regions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The law firm provides legal aid to all the clients in governmental sector, private sector, and individuals, it also provides pleading, legal counseling, functions and work of arbitration, and provision of documentation and other support services and legal work.

Alassaf Law Firm has and cooperate with a number of specialists, experts, and consultants that allows it to provide legal services to the clients in an efficient and professional manner.



Alassaf Law Firm believes that work must be based on the principle of research and finding successful and integrated solutions in the interests of clients in all areas by taking care of clients' business development strategies, and seeking to gain clients trust, privacy, and confidentiality for each client, and therefore the law firm works professionally, independently, and bearing in mind the clients nature business and their privacy on each topic.

Professional work team

Licensed by the Ministry of Justice

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The law firm provides several legal services to the government sector, private sector (Profit and non-profit), and to the individuals. The services include but not excluded the followings:

Legal consultations and studies.

Drafting and reviewing laws, regulations, bylaws, policies, and explanatory memorandums.

Representing the clients before the courts and other judicial authorities.

Representing the governmental authorities before the Bureau of Experts at the Council of Ministers and other authorities.

Pleading before the courts and other competent authorities.


Preparing and drafting contracts, agreements, and memorandums of understanding.

Establishing companies and drafting their basic systems and contracts.

Registration and protection of intellectual property rights and trademarks.

Mergers and acquisitions.


Establishing, developing and supervising legal affairs and departments.

Training researchers and legal advisors.

And other legal works and services


The founder of Alassaf Law Firm, Dr. Abdullah Fahad Alassaf, was previously worked and shared his experience and legal services for nearly 20 years with many government and private sectors, and these sectors – success partners - are as follows:


The most important legal achievements of dr. Alassaf and the Law Firm are as follows:

Providing several legal consultations and studies

Representing clients (government and private sectors and individuals) before the courts and the competent judicial authorities.


Representing the governmental agencies, institutions, and authorities before the Bureau of Experts at the Council of Ministers and other competent authorities.

Participation in committees specialized in privatization and the national transformation program.

Participation in the drafting of the Regulation of the Saudi Grains Organization.

Participation in the drafting of the Law of the Flour Mills.

Participation in the Supervisory Committee concerned with privatization of Mills of the Saudi Grains Organization.

Propose a regulatory project to regulate land investment under the Ministry of Environment Water & Agriculture.

Participation in the membership of the Four Milling Companies Boards (MC1, MC2, MC3, and MC4).

Studying laws and regulations and Proposing comprehensive regulations projects of the Ministry of Environment, Water, and Agriculture (MEWA).

Preparing and formulating the first draft of the basic regulation of the Agricultural Service company.

Reviewing, proposing the amendment, and redrafting the regulations of the Agricultural Development Fund.

Studying and providing legal opinions on several Laws and projects received from the Council of Ministers General Secretariat and other government authorities.

Reviewing and drafting number of memorandum of understanding, contract and agreements (local & international)

Participation in the committee specialized in transforming the tasks of Ain Zubaida Endowments & Taif Wells administration into the General Authority For Awqaf.

Participation in drafting the Saudi Irrigation Organization regulation project.

Redrafting the Water Law.

Preparing and drafting the Explanatory Note of the Water Law.

Preparing and drafting King Abdulaziz Arabian Horses Center Regulation.

Reviewing, studying, and proposing the amendment of the basic law of the Saudi Agricultural and Livestock Investment Company (SALIC).

Participation in drafting the Explanatory Note of the King Abdulaziz Arabian Horses Center Regulation.

Participation in the committee tasks specialized in implement and making the appropriate mechanism to transfer the staff of King Abdulaziz Arabian Horses Center from the Civil System into the Labour and Insurance System.

Preparing and drafting the Agricultural Law and its Explanatory Note.

Preparing and drafting policies for government and private companies.

Preparing and drafting the Regulations and Policies for government and private sectors.

And other legal works and services.